Winter Break Planning for Pre-Health Students

Winter Break Planning for Pre-Health Students

Winter Break Planning for Pre-Health Students

By Jodi Domsky

As fall semester winds down, I wanted to share some information about winter break ideas for a variety of topics including spring semester, summer internships, gap year jobs for graduating seniors, and tasks you can work on if you are applying to med school or taking the MCAT this summer.

Health-Related Opportunities for Spring Semester

  • Winter break is a good time to look into setting up a clinical or research volunteer position/internship for spring semester if your schedule allows. This link will give you a helpful overview of how to get started.
  • The Bryn Mawr College Civic Engagement Office (CEO) directory of health care volunteer opportunities in the Mainline and Philadelphia area.  In addition, our CPGC Office has an interactive map on their website that you may find useful.

Summer Internships 

  • Winter break is a good time to explore options for summer internships and volunteer opportunities.
  • Sophomores and juniors can work on application materials for College Sponsored Internships.
  • The internship that I manage is the Jaharis Summer Primary Care Internship Program.  To be eligible for the Jaharis internship you need to find your own site, and that may take a while.
    • The application deadline is February 17, 2019.  Applications can be submitted even if you still have not confirmed the clinical setting by February 17.
    • If you need more information on potential site liaisons please email Leslie Wood at
  • Other ideas are to explore hospital volunteer opportunities, EMT, phlebotomy or hospice training programs, and/or research opportunities near your home.

Gap Year Jobs for Seniors

  • There are several events in the spring coordinated by CCPA that you may find helpful in your job search. Register now for the Tri-College Recruiting Day and STEM Recruiting Day, both on January 25.
    • More information will be available in January and additional dates for other events will be available at that time.
  • Seniors who plan to take at least one year off may find the following video presentation and Powerpoint slides helpful,  they are from a workshop that I co-presented with Amy Feifer from the CCPA a few years ago that still has a lot of relevant information.
  • Keep an eye out over winter break for a virtual gap year panel featuring Tri-Co alumni- date and details TBA on Handshake soon.

If You Are Applying to Medical School or taking the MCAT this summer

  • I plan to offer a follow-up Medical School Application Meeting after winter break. You can start working on the following paperwork over break:
    • Your completed autobiography (outline and other forms are here)
    • Your updated resume
    • Applicant Data Form
    • Recommendation List

Best of luck with the rest of your fall semester and have a happy healthy restful winter break.