Tips on Finding Summer Internship Housing

Tips on Finding Summer Internship Housing

Every year, students ask how to find housing for an internship in a city that is not their hometown.  Here are some tips to get you thinking about options. We do not endorse these places and you need to do your due diligence when investigating places.

1. In most big cities, universities rent out dormitory space to summer interns.  Contact universities in those cities; most info about their summer housing is their website. Examples of places include:

Boston University

Loyola University of Chicago
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

New York
Columbia University
The New School

Haverford College HCA Summer Rentals

Washington, DC
American University
The Catholic University of America
The George Washington University
Georgetown University

2. There are organizations that provide apartment housing, specifically for interns in various cities. Search for organizations like these in your city of choice. Also many universities and colleges post summer housing resources for their students, so search for those pages as well.

3. Talk to friends, relatives, and alumni for advice, suggestions and potential housing leads. You might end up finding someone is looking for a house sitter or who wants to sublet an apartment.  Creating a discussion asking about housing leads in the Haverford College Worldwide Alumni group could yield some tips.
Good luck with you search!