Haverford’s Interview Coach Program

Haverford’s Interview Coach Program

Practice makes perfect in most situations, and interviewing for internships and job interviews is no exception. Successful candidates are ones who make the time to research the industry and prospective employers carefully and to practice their interview skills.

The CCPA is working closely with alumni volunteers on a new initiative: the Haverford alumni interview coach program where Haverford students will be matched with experienced alumni in the student’s field of interest for the purpose of practicing and receiving feedback on interviews to help students prepare for competitive application processes.

Matched Haverford student/alumni pairs will be expected to complete two mock interviews within 1-3 weeks of being matched to give students the opportunity to incorporate feedback from the first mock interview into the next practice interview. The mock interviews will likely be conducting by phone or Skype unless schedules allow for an in person meeting.

Students will be responsible for initiating contact and scheduling meetings with their Alumni Career Coach once the match it made.

Interested students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Alumni: We are always looking for coaches to add to our list! Consider participating in this initiative!

If you have questions about the program, contact Jennifer Barr: jbarr@haverford.edu