Fords on Friday: Job and Internship Search Tips from Hao Wang '15

By Karina Wiener

Last Friday (9/11), Hao Wang, HC class of ’15, discussed his recent job search experience in which he emailed 160 alumni, got 100 responses, and completed 60 informational interviews! He is now happily working at Promontory Financial Group in Washington D.C. Hao majored in Economics, spend his Junior year abroad at the London School of Economics, spent one summer performing chemistry research in Alex Norquist’s lab at Haverford and another summer performing a Whitehead internship.
Hao Wang
Hao was a frequent visitor of the CCPA and put a lot of careful time and energy into his job-search process. Because of that, Hao had many useful tips to share with the students.
Here are 10 tips that stood out to me:

1. Know what you’re looking for, and start looking early.
2. Informational interviews are a great way to get a better idea of the specific companies you’re interested in.
3. Understand what it is you’re applying for.
4. Talk to young alumni for advice on the application process, and old alumni for advice on their overall journey and company specifics.
5. Use your liberal art skills of creative thinking and communication to your advantage.
6. Use the Haverford alumni network (use the alumni directory:
7. Don’t reach out to people for a job, reach out for advice and ask them about themselves–everyone loves to talk about themselves!
8. Don’t be afraid of failure. Face it, thank your contact and ask if they can provide feedback so that you can improve and learn from your failures.
9. Remember, alumni WANT to help.
10. Read old CCPA blog posts for more advice! Specifically, Hao found the following posts very helpful:

Hao chat
Students chatting with Hao through Skype.