Update from Barcelona!

We’ve won one and we’ve lost one in Barcelona. Our first game against Sant Adria and our second against Premia de Mar proved to be great experiences for our experienced and youthful squad. With a core group of returners back for another crack at the Centennial, joined by a talented ensemble of first year players, we’ll be ready to rock and roll sooner than later.

However, it’d certainly be an understatement that the style of play in Spain isn’t, quite literally, rocking and rolling—our competition has challenged us to hold pace with a quick and aggressive style of play. Also, a few major differences in the rules and regulations have emerged; for example, the standard is a 24 second shot clock, which differs from the 30 seconds we that we use in the States. We have shown great poise in navigating the different norms…

The day that we had today, filled with a Tapas Cooking Lesson and a Dance lesson, also required us to show composure and confidence in new environments. With the help of some awesome chefs, we whipped up chicken and vegetable paella, a custard dessert—Crema Catalana, a spanish omelette—Tortilla Española, and a couple of delicious appetizers. Then, we burned some of the calories by learning some moves of the Flamenco dance, a music tradition that also involves singing, guitar playing, and handclapping. Although we were silly, each experience that we have had thus far has allowed us to grow and learn about this region of Spain.

Tomorrow, our last full day in Barcelona, is no exception. We are looking forward to visiting Montjuïc Medieval Castle and then facing off against team, Joventut Les Corts, for our third and final game.

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