The Valor of Las Montañas in Spain

As the tour bus navigated the winding and narrow AND steep road leading to Montserrat, I panicked. The breathtaking view of Spain that grew increasingly farther away in the distance did nothing to cease the pounding of my heart. My teammates reached to comfort me but they also cackled. And although they did not have the same reaction, for many such as myself, this was the first time exploring at the peak of such a massive and majestic mountain.

“A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.”

-Tim Cahill

Today is when I began to realize that this trip is not merely a vacation or a “boot camp” as I joked many times during the hike—it is a journey. A winding and narrow AND steep road that figuratively describes the process of constructing and maintaining a team, the friendships that are formed, the hardships that are negotiated, and the adversities and achievements that are experienced.

More details on how our first peek at competition went tomorrow! Adios!



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