Bienvenidos from Spain!

Bienvenidos from Spain!

This morning marks two days since the Cheetah Squirrels have arrived in Barcelona, and the trip has been amazing thus far. Sorry we haven’t been able to send an update sooner…we still can’t believe that we’re actually across the ocean in La España!

While it may feel surreal that we are so far from Haverford’s campus, ball is always life—one of our first activities was getting in the gym at a nearby indoor facility for practice. We couldn’t be more excited that our season has begun!

Basketball aside, we’ve certainly enjoyed the area of Sitges, where we are staying. It’s so relaxing to take a stroll through the cobblestoned sidewalks and sand-covered boardwalk, and simply ingest the traffic of Spain’s citizens weaving in and out of cafés, small stores, and businesses. Today we ventured outside of the area that hosts Hotel Subur, and enjoyed the scenic views of Park Güell, a public park with beautiful gardens and architecture. Check out one of the most important sites in Barcelona here!

Soon after we embarked on an arduous trek along Carretera de las Aigües at sunset. The beauty of this country is indescribable!

However, if you surveyed the team, you would evoke mucho excitement at the recent experiences we’ve had with the food. Whether its a hot cup of expresso or a refreshing scoop of gelato, HCWBB is living our best life out here in Spain. Although, we did have an interesting encounter last night at dinner that demonstrated cultural differences in portion size. After taking a peek at the menu, decorated with an assortment of impressive Italian style entrees, we decided to place a few orders of pizza to share as an appetizer. This prompted our waiter to “highly insist” that it was way way way too much for a group such as ourself to eat…and let’s just say the language barriers certainly did not help us understand each other better. He talked a lot about calories and carbohydrates and consulted his co-workers in a panic…our only counter-argument was that maybe we’d surprise him…

A quote from sophomore, Megan Furch: “Just like everyone in our conference, he underestimated us. But we still prevailed. Maybe next time he’ll estimate us.”

Okay, that may not be the most straightforward statement! Let’s just say we “savagely” devoured the delicious thin crust pizza, topped with mozzarella and ham, and still had space for the pasta that followed. Not only are we mentally and physical tough, but we are also more cognizant of how even simple aspects of life vary from country to country.

Oh, and it’s not everyday you get to see a woman juggling with flames in the middle of a street in Ardmore, just saying!

Another update coming soon. Shout-outs to our head and assistant coaches, Bobbi and Addie, our trainer, Kelsey, and our tour guides, Cristian and Coral, for joining us for the ride!

Hasta la vista!

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