Program Coordinator:

Qui Alexander
Chase 205


gaviHey Haverford! I’m Gavi, a senior English major concentrating in gender and sexuality studies. I enjoy loafin’ around, doodling in class, intentional communities, and contextually inappropriate psychoanalysis. I am thrilled to be working again at the Women*s Center after a year spent studying abroad. Come on up and visit us anytime at the Center – the space is beautiful (and great for studying) and all the staff members are fabulous!

FaridaHi everyone! I am a senior and I’m so excited to be working at the Women*s Center again. I am an English major and I am also interested in medicine, specifically women’s health. Some things I love/my guilty pleasures: playing my violin, curling up with a book, yoga, and watching Breaking Bad. I hope to see you around at the center or at some of our events!

hannah kHey! I’m Hannah, a junior anthropology major with a concentration in gender and sexuality studies. Things I enjoy: drinking coffee (as seen in my picture), dance parties, talking about feminism and sexuality, and finding adventures. I also really like working at the Women*s Center and am really excited for this year! Feel free to stop by the WC anytime to hang out or chat.

hannah fHey there! I’m Hannah, and I’m a sophomore planning to major in Anthropology and concentrate in Gender/Sexuality. I grew up in downtown Chicago where I attended the same quirky school for 14 years. Some things I love: suspenders, ice-cold seltzer, Customs, falling asleep/waking up next to a campfire, Quaker values, Google calendar, and local foods nights at the DC. Looking forward to a fantastic year working at the Women*s Center!!

maddy-duranteHi! My name’s Maddy Durante and I’m a sophomore interested in History and English. While not in the women’s center, you can usually find me running around on the frisbee field, planning a radio show, doing homework outside, or working in the bookstore. I love working in the women’s center because I get to help make issues that matter to me a greater presence on campus!

abiHey! I’m Abi, and I’m a junior. I am an English major, psychology minor, and I’m pre-med. I live near Cleveland, Ohio on a small farm. I love any outdoors activity, cute animals (especially dogs), reading, and playing soccer/frisbee. I enjoy baking and cooking, because I love to eat all the food. I’m excited for all of the amazing Women*s Center events this year!

mariaCiao! I’m Maria and I’m currently a senior at Haverford. I’m a history major with an Italian minor. I’m a budding photographer so you’ll often find me wandering around campus with a camera in hand. I’m in love with candles, especially the scented ones so bring some by the Center for our enjoyment. Most importantly, I suppose, is that I’m open to talk about nearly anything so feel free to chat with me whenever or just say hi.