Our Voice

We at the Women’s Center are extremely excited and proud because of this new publication and are pleased to be sharing it with you. At the Center we work to provide assistance to those in need of help, to break the culture of silence surrounding rape and sexual assault, to inform and engage with the community on topics of sexuality and gender, to celebrate sexuality in all of its forms, and to foster a community in which females are empowered and emboldened—Our Voice serves as an extension of these goals.

Prior to this the Center put out a newsletter by a different name, Vicissitudes. We were asked, too many times, what exactly vicissitudes meant. Our Voice emerged out of a brainstorming session and struck us as the perfect name for this retooled newsletter. For too long, too many people of the world have been silenced; many because of their gender or their sexuality. We hope to bring these voices forward by inviting students to submit written and artistic work, by highlighting events on campus and in the area that speak to these topics, and by informing you of the stories of women, and their work, at Haverford and around the world.

Fall 2013 Issue

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