The Haverford College Women*s Center was founded shortly after the admission of the first female students ion the fall of 1980, when Haverford became a fully co-ed institution. The Women*s Center initial purpose was to support female students in an environment that had been dominated by men for nearly 150 years prior to their admission. The transition to a coeducational environment was not (and still is not today) an entirely smooth one (as it is an ongoing process far from finished) so the College saw the need for a Women*s Center to help ensure that all Haverford students could approach their experience at Haverford with dignity and confidence. Over the years the center has grown to not only help students adjust to campus life but to provide a steady and conscious voice at Haverford around issues of gender and sexuality, sexual health and rights, and women’s rights.


The Haverford College Women*s Center is a safe, non-political space on campus that is open to both women and men. We’re here to provide a network of support, resources, and information to the Haverford community by organizing events geared toward a better understanding of issues of gender and sexuality, sexual practices and well-being, as well as women’s rights.

Our mission is to:

Assist those who are in need of help and support by answering questions and creating a caring and respectful environment in which community members can feel safe.

Break the silence surrounding rape and sexual assault at Haverford and throughout the world, to support survivors and victims, and to unite in moving towards a world free of rape and sexual assault.

Educate the college community on sex and sexuality, women’s and men’s health, as well as issues such as human rights and gender discrimination.

Celebrate all aspects of female sexuality (both body and mind) as well as the accomplishments of women within the Haverford community and throughout the world.

Cultivate a community that seeks to empower women and further enrich their experiences by maintaining a space that nurtures positive energy and offers information and support.

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