The Student Assistant Hotline: An Update

Dear Friends,

We’re currently in the process of replacing our old yellow hotline stickers (you’ll find them on bathroom doors around campus) with new neon stickers that display updated information.

While the Student Assistant Hotline for Rape and Sexual Assault will continue to serve the same function in Haverford’s Circle of Resources, we wanted to update the stickers to reflect a new policy that evolved as a result of Title IX laws. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s an excerpt from the College’s website outlining the role of Title IX on campus with respect to sexual assault:

“The Office of Civil Rights of the US Department of Education is responsible for overseeing compliance with Title IX, and has issued guidelines for institutions to help them comply with its principles. In the case of sexual harassment, the OCR guidelines require that once an institution has received notice of the possible sexual harassment of a student, it should take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate what occurred, take prompt and effective action to end the harassment if such is found to be the case, take steps to remedy the effects and to prevent it from occurring again. These steps are the school’s responsibility whether or not the student who was harassed makes a complaint or otherwise asks the school to take action; all reasonable steps to investigate and respond are still required.”

In order to both comply with Title IX and promote the agency of survivors, we now suggest that if a student would like to utilize the hotline as a resource but would like the conversation to remain confidential, she or he should refrain from citing specific information about the incident in question, including names, locations, or dates. We, like the College, have an obligation to be concerned both about the wishes of the person who experienced an assault and the safety of the community as a whole, and the new hotline policy attempts to fulfill both of these obligations. As a reminder, the only completely confidential resource on campus is CAPS (with a few exceptions; please consult their website for more information).

The new stickers are also meant as a reminder that the hotline phone can be used for more than emergency situations. We as student assistants can provide support at any time though any stage of the recovery process, and we can direct you to available resources both on and off campus. The phone is on day and night, and we are ready to talk whenever you are.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the content of the new stickers, the Center is open six days a week, and we would be happy to speak with you. For more information on Title IX policies, please visit or speak with Dean Watter, our Title IX representative.

WC love,

Sara (On behalf of the WC Staff)

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