“Against Gender Discrimination” Workshop with Arancha Garcia del Soto

September 22, 10:00AM
WCC Women’s Center

Work against gender discrimination has been embraced by most International Humanitarian agencies as a transversal topic, but its implementation relays heavily in the specifics of the context, and the gender practices culturally rooted in those targeted populations. What are the most successful gender programs? How are we measuring the results of those programs? When and how can we approach the paradoxes and ethical dilemmas involved in these changing realities?

The combination of International success programs, with local knowledge inputs, and local management might be a winning practice, but there is still much to be rethink when dealing with realities such as FGM, Female Gender Mutilation, or the extended use of rape in conflicts. By approaching gender work in an interdisciplinary manner that comprises social, legal, medical and ethnographic work, many International agencies and local groups are changing gender discrimination and reducing its negative impacts in the life of communities.

In this seminar we will review the basic recommendations of UN agencies when approaching these gender realities to promote positive changes in the lives of women, men and the entire communities, and we will describe the strengths and weaknesses of some gender programs (both international and locally designed), to ultimately propose and design potential modifications, along the room for improvement.

Registration is limited. To apply, simply include the following information in an e-mail to hc-cpgc@haverford.edu with the subject line reading ‘Against Gender Discrimination’.

Class Year
Why are you interested in this workshop?

Applications are due by Monday, September 17 at 9:00am.

Sponsored by The Center for Peace and Global Citizenship and The Women’s Center.

For more info, contact Stephanie Zukerman

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