Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to our blog! My name is Misha and I am a staff member at the wonderful Women’s Center at Haverford.

We have a full medley of events for this semester to keep everyone occupied, interested and hopefully excited! I will write out some of them here but be on the look out for a full calendar coming up!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this occasion we will table at the DC with breast cancerĀ  and (testicular cancer too) self-check pamphlets. Please stop by to pick one or two up and have a chat with the staff member tabling. Hopefully we will borrow a piece a ‘Breast in a Box’ set. I know that might sound creepy but it’s actually really informative and offered me a sense of relief when I first came across it when I was first year student. Essentially it’s a pair of breasts, one is healthy and the other has a tumor. The point is to give women an idea of what a cancerous tumor may feel like. Of course it is not a solution but it’s a step, women should still continue to check themselves after their period!

In addition, we will have more movie nights, as well as random nights for tea and coffee and general relaxation, and maybe even an art day!

…THEN on to SEXvember! WOO HOO!

For this month we will partner up with FAB (‘Fords Against Bordeom’) for a Sexual(ity) Health Trivia: How much do you know? This will be your chance to win cash and other prizes!! Don’t miss it.

As usual, we will also include a Sex Toy Raffle in the Sunken Lounge of the DC, we will flyer for this event so you will get a heads up.

To make things even better we recently booked an excellent and experienced Sex Educator to hold TWO workshops open to the entire student body.

Last but definitely not least, the women’s center will hold a Speakout event where women and men alike can come to support, listen and speak out about rape and sexual assault.

**Please stay tuned for dates and additional information. You can check your email or come back here for more information**

About Misha Baker '10

Hey everyone! I am a junior at HC and have received summer funding to do research on reggae in the Czech Republic. During my time there I will interview various members of the underground reggae scene and blog about my experiences. I also plan to do some travelling around the Czech Republic and will comment on my experiences with Czech society!
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