Welcome Back!

Happy September, Haverford!

The Women’s Center is back in action and back on our blog.  From here we’ll be writing about our events, publicizing, reflecting, and who knows what else.  We have four returning staff members this semester: Misha Baker ’10, Cara Curtis ’10, Annie Tague ’10, and Karina Puttieva ’11 (and a special shout out to our 5th, Steph Contreras ’11, who is fortunate enough to be studying in Cairo this semester) .  And as always, we’re fearlessly led by our director Marilou Allen.  Stay tuned for a calendar of all our Fall programming…for now, here are our normal weekly hours–as a reminder, we’re up in the Campus Center room 209.  Come visit!

Sunday: 12-4 Misha, 7-11 Cara

Monday: 2-4 Karina, 7-11 Karina

Tuesday: 12-4 Cara, 7-11 Annie

Wednesday: 2-4 Karina, 7-11 Misha

Thursday: 12-4 Annie, 7-11 Misha

More to come soon!


The Women’s Center

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