Calling for Submissions: The Clothesline Project

Dear friends,

April is the national Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To raise awareness about sexual violence, the Womens Center organizes an annual Clothesline Project (CLP) made of submissions from Haverford students. This is a national project, and you can read more about it here ( It is a visual display of t-shirts made by survivors and friends/family of victims speaking out against rape and sexual assault. Our clothesline will be strung across Founders Green.

The CLP website explains: The concept was simple – let each woman tell her story in her own unique way, using words and/or artwork to decorate her shirt. It acts as an educational tool for those who come to view the Clothesline; it becomes a healing
tool for anyone who makes a shirt – by hanging the shirt on the line, survivors, friends and family can literally turn their back on some of that pain of their experience and walk away; finally it allows those who are still suffering in silence to understand that they are not alone.

*** We are calling for submissions. You can design a t-shirt with anything on it: feel free to use markers, fabric, paint, or whatever other materials you would like (note: try to make sure your shirt is rain-proof!). You can include images, words, or both. All shirts will be anonymous.

***While the traditional Clothesline Project was designed for women, our display is open to survivors of all genders. We will supply you with a shirt, and we have permanent markers in the Center if you would like to use them. Please come by during our open hours (Sun-Fri:1-5pm, Sun-Thur: 7-11pm), or contact for more information.

PLEASE SUBMIT SHIRTS BY TUESDAY MARCH 31st (Campus Center room 209).

The Womens Center


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  1. Johanna says:

    Hi Girls,

    I love the Women’s Center Blog. And the new Newsletter. Great Idea. I miss you guys very much and all of the events that we used to organize. Keep up the good work and I will keep reading the blog. My best to ML. :)

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