Apply to be a Women’s Center Intern!

Dear Member of the Class of 2015 or 2016,
Thanks for your interest in becoming a Women’s Center intern! Our interns are an integral part of our staff–participating in our weekly meetings, helping to plan and execute events, and devising new ways to educate and inform the community about issues surrounding gender and sexuality. This position is unpaid, but upon successful completion of the internship, students may be offered a paid staff position. The center is run by our director, Marilou Allen. If you are interested in being considered for this position, please complete the form below by 11:59 PM February 8th. People of all genders are encouraged to apply. We look forward to reading your application!
The application can be found here:
The Women’s Center Staff and Director

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“Grabbing Life by the Balls” – An Upcoming Panel Discussion and Brunch with Athlete Alumnae

On Sunday November 18th at 11:00am, the Haverford College Women’s Center is hosting a panel discussion titled “Grabbing Life by the Balls” with former female varsity athletes. The speakers will answer questions about their experience playing a sport at Haverford and how it prepared them for the real world. The hope is to show the rich history of the college and empower Haverford students to use their current college experiences to shape their lives in positive ways. It is also a moment to reflect on how far women have come in their access and participation in collegiate sports. The panel discussion will be followed by a brunch where students, faculty and staff can continue discussions with the former players. We are excited to be hosting this event, and hope you can join us! Please RSVP to as there are limitted spots available.

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The Student Assistant Hotline: An Update

Dear Friends,

We’re currently in the process of replacing our old yellow hotline stickers (you’ll find them on bathroom doors around campus) with new neon stickers that display updated information.

While the Student Assistant Hotline for Rape and Sexual Assault will continue to serve the same function in Haverford’s Circle of Resources, we wanted to update the stickers to reflect a new policy that evolved as a result of Title IX laws. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s an excerpt from the College’s website outlining the role of Title IX on campus with respect to sexual assault:

“The Office of Civil Rights of the US Department of Education is responsible for overseeing compliance with Title IX, and has issued guidelines for institutions to help them comply with its principles. In the case of sexual harassment, the OCR guidelines require that once an institution has received notice of the possible sexual harassment of a student, it should take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate what occurred, take prompt and effective action to end the harassment if such is found to be the case, take steps to remedy the effects and to prevent it from occurring again. These steps are the school’s responsibility whether or not the student who was harassed makes a complaint or otherwise asks the school to take action; all reasonable steps to investigate and respond are still required.”

In order to both comply with Title IX and promote the agency of survivors, we now suggest that if a student would like to utilize the hotline as a resource but would like the conversation to remain confidential, she or he should refrain from citing specific information about the incident in question, including names, locations, or dates. We, like the College, have an obligation to be concerned both about the wishes of the person who experienced an assault and the safety of the community as a whole, and the new hotline policy attempts to fulfill both of these obligations. As a reminder, the only completely confidential resource on campus is CAPS (with a few exceptions; please consult their website for more information).

The new stickers are also meant as a reminder that the hotline phone can be used for more than emergency situations. We as student assistants can provide support at any time though any stage of the recovery process, and we can direct you to available resources both on and off campus. The phone is on day and night, and we are ready to talk whenever you are.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the content of the new stickers, the Center is open six days a week, and we would be happy to speak with you. For more information on Title IX policies, please visit or speak with Dean Watter, our Title IX representative.

WC love,

Sara (On behalf of the WC Staff)

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“Against Gender Discrimination” Workshop with Arancha Garcia del Soto

September 22, 10:00AM
WCC Women’s Center

Work against gender discrimination has been embraced by most International Humanitarian agencies as a transversal topic, but its implementation relays heavily in the specifics of the context, and the gender practices culturally rooted in those targeted populations. What are the most successful gender programs? How are we measuring the results of those programs? When and how can we approach the paradoxes and ethical dilemmas involved in these changing realities?

The combination of International success programs, with local knowledge inputs, and local management might be a winning practice, but there is still much to be rethink when dealing with realities such as FGM, Female Gender Mutilation, or the extended use of rape in conflicts. By approaching gender work in an interdisciplinary manner that comprises social, legal, medical and ethnographic work, many International agencies and local groups are changing gender discrimination and reducing its negative impacts in the life of communities.

In this seminar we will review the basic recommendations of UN agencies when approaching these gender realities to promote positive changes in the lives of women, men and the entire communities, and we will describe the strengths and weaknesses of some gender programs (both international and locally designed), to ultimately propose and design potential modifications, along the room for improvement.

Registration is limited. To apply, simply include the following information in an e-mail to with the subject line reading ‘Against Gender Discrimination’.

Class Year
Why are you interested in this workshop?

Applications are due by Monday, September 17 at 9:00am.

Sponsored by The Center for Peace and Global Citizenship and The Women’s Center.

For more info, contact Stephanie Zukerman

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Welcome, Class of 2016!

Hello from the Haverford College Women’s Center!
Congratulations on starting your freshman year here at Haverford. We imagine that you have a lot of concerns and expectations about starting college in the fall. We wanted to introduce ourselves as a resource on campus. We are here to answer your questions and provide support; we offer an open center where you can come to relax, and we put on a number of events to help the community think about the impact of gender and sexuality on our campus and in the world.
The Women’s Center is a space in the Campus Center (Room 209) that is meant for the whole Haverford community. Even though we are a group that focuses on “women’s issues”, the space itself and the events we put on are meant for all people. Everyone is welcome to come use the center and its resources. It is open with regular hours throughout the week, staffed by your peers and directed by Marilou Allen. We offer volunteer opportunities each semester as well as a couple of exciting intern positions. We have an expansive library full of historically important and contemporary works of fiction and nonfiction relating to women’s issues, gender, and sexuality. In addition, this space is open for club meetings and lounging. Check out our bulletin board by the mail room for open hours and availability.
In addition to the physical space of the Center, the student staff puts on several events throughout the year to raise awareness and have fun dealing with the role of women in our community and the broader world. Traditional events such as Sexuality Week, Breast Cancer Awareness, Sexual Violence Awareness Week, HerStory, and SpeakOut are held regularly every year. We attract a wide range of students to our events with many performances, panels, speakers, and programs on campus. Additionally, we are always looking for creative suggestions from the community and invite you to talk to us about your ideas.
All students who work at the Women’s Center are specially trained as Student Assistants for Haverford’s 24-hour rape and sexual assault hotline. This hotline is open to students seeking support or advice either as survivors of sexual violence, friends of survivors, perpetrators, are those with non-personal questions. We are here to listen, and if you feel that you are looking for other forms of support we can put you in contact with resources both on and off campus. We do not pressure the caller into taking a particular course of action, but are here to give information and empower the caller. It’s an aspect of Haverford that is truly unique and students are glad to have.
We hope that this letter has given you a glimpse into what the Women’s Center does on campus. We can’t wait to meet you. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open to Women’s Center events once you get to campus. Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of the summer!

The Women’s Center Staff :

Sumin Park ’13, Krysten Costley ’13, Gavriella Fried ’14, Emma Marsden ‘13, Sara Landers ’13
Abi Moeller ’15, Hannah Klein ’15, Farida Essa ’14, Caleb Wroblewski ’15
Marilou Allen – Director


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