Winter Break Housing


Henry S. Drinker House, 710 College Ave., Yarnall, and HCA # 10, # 11, # 14, # 18, # 19, # 23 are the designated Winter Break Housing dorms.  THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE IN ONE OF THESE BUILDINGS YOU UNDERSTAND AND WILLINGLY ACCEPT THAT APPROVED STUDENTS WILL BE LIVING IN YOUR HOUSING DURING THE WINTER BREAK.

During the Winter Break, housing is provided for approved athletes, International students who cannot go home for the break, students who are taking classes at Penn that begin before classes at Haverford do, and in cases of extenuating circumstances.   Students who, during Spring Room Draw, or the Waiting List, apply for and choose housing in designated winter break housing dorms are responsible for knowing, understanding and agreeing to abide by the guidelines and policies of this housing.  Each November, year-round and winter break residents will receive information and instructions about winter break housing, how it works and who will be living in these dorms, from the Residential Life Office, and for those living in residence halls that will be occupied by athletes from the Athletics Department.

Last modified: September 10, 2014