Upper-Class Housing


Upper-class students choose their housing by participating in a process called Room Draw.  Each upper-class student desiring campus housing must participate in the Room Draw process.

Room Draw: Please link to Room Draw information and updates from the Office of Residential Life homepage: www.haverford.edu/reslife

Two Room Draws are held during the academic year.

Upper-class students choose their rooms for the following academic year by participating in a process called Spring Room Draw. The Spring Room Draw process begins the first week of March when the Guidelines and the Room Draw Calendar, are posted online at www.haverford.edu/reslife/room_assignments/upperclass.php with hardcopies available at the Office of Residential Life. The Room Draw Calendar lists all deadlines, dates, times & locations of all Room Draw events. The Special Interest Housing and Community Housing application processes take place in March.  The five (5) Rounds of Draws for rooms take place in April. Please refer to the calendar if you have questions about Room Draw dates or deadlines and contact the Office of Residential Life (hc-reslife@haverford.edu) if you cannot find the answers there.

The Mid-year Room Draw process begins in mid-November when the Mid-Year Room Draw Guidelines and Calendar are posted online. This is limited to upper-class students, only, who will be returning to campus for Semester II (e.g., students returning from any kind of leave e.g., International or Domestic Study Abroad, College or Dean’s Leave) or those wishing or needing to switch rooms for Semester II.

The Office of Residential Life, under whose auspices the Room Draw is run, supplies Mid-Year and Spring Room Draw guidelines, forms and applications. The Residential Life Committee members run the actual room draws and have a voice in housing decisions. All students participating in the Room Draw process acknowledge, by their signature on forms and applications, their responsibility to read, understand, and abide by all policies and procedures in the Spring Room Draw Guidelines and the Honor Code.

The Room Draw Guidelines establish the policy by which the Haverford community both applies for and selects housing. However, the Guidelines cannot cover every single circumstance that may arise regarding the room draw process. Working closely with the Office of Residential Life, the Residential Life Committee plays an active role in all aspects of housing and reserves the right, by virtue of Students’ Council appointment of the Co-Chairs, to adjudicate over such ambiguous cases in keeping with the letter and spirit of the guidelines as well as the Honor Code. The Office of Residential Life and Residential Life Committee strive to achieve decisions that are equitable and fair to the parties involved as well as to the Haverford community as a whole.  While specific rules and procedures may change slightly every year, each student desiring a room on campus must participate in the Spring Room Draw process and follow all policies and procedures to be guaranteed housing the following fall. Students who have not obtained housing by the end of the Spring Room Draw Rounds and want campus housing in the fall must fill out a Waiting List application and submit it to the Office of Residential Life by the deadline. Students who have participated in Room Draw, filled out and submitted the Waiting List application by the deadline are guaranteed housing. Rooms invariably open up during the summer, and the College has been able to house all those requesting housing, who have met the Waiting List requirements and deadlines. There is, however, no guarantee of the kind or location of the available housing or that Emergency Housing spaces may not have to be used. Students who request housing but who have not met the above requirements are not guaranteed housing.


Eligibility for Room Draw

A student’s status must be active (i.e. not on a leave). A students’ status is based on the information provided by the Registrar’s Office at the time of Room Draw.  Questions related to status should be directed to the Registrar’s Office.

A student MUST HAVE MET ALL FINANCIAL and LIBRARY OBLIGATIONS to the College by the deadline date stated in the Room Draw Guidelines.   Questions related to financial obligations should be directed to Barbara Wilson, Student Accounts, Business Office (bwilson@haverford.edu or 610.896.1251).  Questions related to library obligations should be directed to Dawn Heckert, Magill Library (dheckert@haverford.edu or 610.896.1163).


Class Year used in Room Draw

A students’ class year is based on the information provided by the Registrar’s Office at the time of Room Draw. IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT YOUR CLASS STANDING, PLEASE SEE THE REGISTRAR AND VERIFY YOUR CLASS STANDING.  It is a student’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their class year, at the time of Room Draw, on all forms and application.  Questions related to class year should be directed to the Registrar’s Office.

EXCEPTION TO THE ABOVE:  The Physical Education Requirement and Class Year for the purposes of Room Draw.  Effective 2011-2012, students who have not completed the College’s physical education requirement by the end of their sophomore year will retain their sophomore (rising junior) class status in subsequent Room Draws until their PE Requirement is completed. Once it is completed, students revert to the normal class status for whatever year they are.  This pertains to the Waiting List, as well. Retention of sophomore (rising junior) status is based on the information provided by the Athletic Department.  Questions related to this requirement should be directed to Carol Gormley (cgormley@haverford.edu or 610-896-1117).

Questions regarding Room Draw should be directed to the Residential Life Committee at hc.reslifecommittee@gmail.com or if of a confidential nature Marianne Smith, Director of Residential Life (610.896.1298 or msmith@haverford.edu).

Last modified: September 1, 2013