Premium television services are provided at specific communal locations on campus. Cable television is available in Barclay Hall in the 1st floor lounge, Comfort Hall in the basement lounge, in Gummere Hall in the basement lounge, in the Ryan Student Center, in the Lunt student lounge, and in the COOP. Satellite television is available in Stokes Hall in the Instructional Technology Center, the Audio Visual Department, the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC), and the Multicultural Center (MCC).

Cable television service is available for purchase only to students living in HCA. Students should be aware that the company providing cable service has publicly stated that it will prosecute every time it finds an illegal hookup.

Satellite dishes are not permitted in or around any of the residence halls, including HCA or houses. Residents will be held responsible for all damages resulting from placement, use, or removal of a satellite dish.