Room Condition Forms, Room Inspection, Inventory Reports, and Charges

All students moving into a new room must fill out and submit a “Room Condition Report” form.  This form is issued to the student with their room key. It is very important that all students fill out and submit this form to the Facilities Management Office within seven (7) days from the 1st day of the semester, as this form is the student’s proof of the condition of the room at the time of moving in. If the Room Condition Report is not returned, it will be assumed that all furniture was present and the room and furniture were in excellent condition the time the student moved in.  Please take the time to inspect your room, suite bathroom, living room, hall living room and hallway. Itemize damages to the surfaces or contents of these areas on the form. All students living at HCA will find a “Room Inventory” form in their room, listing the contents of the room. All furniture/furnishings issued to you by the College in your room when you arrive MUST be in your room when you depart. If you find any discrepancies in contents, please contact the Facilities Management, immediately by emailing  Facilities Management inspects all dorm rooms and common areas at the end of the academic year or when a student moves out of his/her room during the year to assess damages and missing property based on these initial two reports.  Students are billed for damages and/or missing furniture based on the results of these inspections. Students are, also, held responsible for and billed for all damages or missing property in their common areas/rooms or apartment furniture. Charges are assessed to the individual or group of students who occupied the damaged room. If a friend or neighbor caused the damage, Facilities Management should be notified of the individual responsible and the appropriate person to be billed.  All damages to common areas not allocated to a particular individual or group are apportioned among all members of the floor or wing of the residence hall. For Haverford College students, charges are added to their Incidental Account; for Bryn Mawr students, costs are charged to their Bryn Mawr accounts. Any student who feels they have been unfairly charged for damages may discuss concerns with the Director of Residential Life. Vandalism and/or defective furniture should be reported immediately upon discovery to Campus Safety to avoid the damages being levied against the student’s own account.

Common Charges

  • Cleaning (for excessively dirty areas)
    • Common Room $100.00 and up
    • Bedroom $50.00
    • Entire Apartment $200.00
  • Painting
    • Touch-up Spots $50.00 and up
    • Entire Room $175.00 and up
    • Entire Living Room $225.00 and up
  • Repair/Replace
    • Broken Window Panes $50.00 and up
    • Broken Furniture $50.00 and up
    • Carpet $150.00- $500.00+
  • Removal
    • Tape, Stickers, Wax, etc. $35.00 and up
    • Excess College Furniture $35.00 – $75.00
    • Excess or Untagged Student Items $35.00 and up
  • Finding, Relocating and Assembling
    • College Furniture $35.00 – $75.00

Last modified: September 1, 2013