Campus Housing – The Residence Halls

Our residence halls offer a wide variety of housing options: apartments, suites, doubles, and singles. The majority of students live in singles, and students can choose from living arrangements that include suites (groupings of single rooms that share a common lounge), on-campus apartments with kitchens and private baths, and houses that were originally private dwellings.

The traditional style residence halls are: Barclay, Gummere, Kim, Leeds, Lloyd, the North Dorms (Comfort, Jones and Lunt), and Tritton. The houses are: Cadbury House, Ira de A. Reid, Drinker, La Casa Hispanica, and Yarnall. The Haverford College Apartments (HCA) is comprised of 21 garden-style buildings. Eighteen (18) of these buildings are used as student housing with five (5) of these designated for first-year housing. There is a computer lab in the basement of HCA #30.

There is a small social space in the basement of HCA #19. All other basements at HCA are not designed to be used as social spaces.

The remaining three (3) buildings at HCA are used in a number of different ways. Our Graduate Assistants live in HCA 800 on the 2nd floor. Guest Housing coordinated by the Conferences Office, is located in HCA 804. The remaining apartments in HCA 812 house staff and we have one commercial renter in one apartment in HCA #23.