Beds, Furniture, and Construction

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All College-issued beds are extra-long in length (36″ x 6″ x 80″).

Some students consider bringing and using their own platform/loft bed frame and/or mattress in place of the College-issued ones.   Platform/loft beds are permitted only if they have first been inspected, meet code and are approved by the Facilities Management Office and Mark Sweeney (Fire Safety Officer). It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Facilities Management Office and Mark Sweeney and set up the inspection. If these do not meet the approved standards and codes the student must be immediately remove these items. If approved, the student must properly store the College-issued bed frame, complete with original springs, during the academic year and to return it, complete, to their room at the end of the year. Failure to do so or if the college-issued furniture is damaged or lost will result in a charge to the student for the cost of their replacement and/or for the labor costs of staff needing to return these items to the room.

Bed boards: Bed boards are available through Health Services.

Health, safety and structural concerns make it necessary to prohibit water beds, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and other such devices from all residence halls and apartments. If you are wondering whether a particular device falls within this restriction, please check, in advance, with Facilities Management.


The residence halls are furnished each year for the new resident(s). The College provides each student with a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe or chest and closet. The College does not provide pillows, bed linens, a wastebasket, lamps, or other incidentals. All windows have either shades or blinds and some rooms are carpeted or have area rugs. Students are not permitted to appropriate additional college furniture from other student rooms.

Students are expected to leave College furniture in their room/apartment.

College-issued living room or lounge furniture is for common use and should not be appropriated for personal use. College-issued furniture are designed and intended for use only within the residence halls – in bedrooms or common rooms; it is not to be taken outside and used on the lawns nor placed in basements. If a student wishes to use their own personal furniture outside, they must return it to the appropriate place within their building when leaving the area and no other furniture may be left outside when not in use. Unattended furniture will be confiscated, and there will be a pickup and re-delivery charge.


Local building codes dictate the prohibition of any kind of construction attached to permanent building surfaces either in students’ bedrooms (e.g., ceilings, floors, and walls) or in any other area inside or outside of students’ bedrooms for example but not limited to common or living rooms or spaces.

For fire safety and building code reasons students are not permitted to construct any type of wall to create another room or bedroom space.

Any privacy “screen” must be free standing, no taller than a standard 6’3 panel folding screen, and meet safety standards. Questions pertaining to building codes and what is permitted should be directed to Facilities Management at  Questions pertaining to Fires Safety should be directed to Mark Sweeney at

Platform/loft beds are permitted only if they have been inspected, meet code and are approved by the Facilities Management Office and Mark Sweeney (Fire Safety Officer).

Office of the Dean of the College