Right of Entry

Entry for Routine Inspections, Maintenance, Scheduled Repairs, and in response to Student Work Requests

Staff from Facilities Management, Campus Safety, IITS, Residential Life or contracted vendors occasionally have to enter a student’s room, apartment, or suite to perform necessary routine inspections, maintenance, scheduled repairs and to respond to a students’ work request.  They will, whenever possible, try to contact the resident in advance to tell the student when they will enter and, when applicable, will be working in certain areas of a suite, apartment, or room. In some cases they will leave a note explaining what work has been done and when they entered and left. Under no circumstances are employees or vendors allowed to rummage around closets, cabinets, or drawers or disturb any part of the room, apartment, or suite that is not the site of their designated work order.

If, in the process of making repairs, they see an item prohibited by the College, they are expected to notify the Director of Residential Life immediately. The Director of Residential Life will contact the Dean of Student Life and the Dean of the College and the student will be called in for a conversation with one or more of these Deans and/or the Director of Residential Life.  After this conversation the student may be asked to remove the item and/or other action may be taken as circumstances warrant.

Entry in a Health or Emergency Situation

The College respects a student’s right to privacy while they are living in the residence halls.  There are, however, circumstances under which the College reserves the right to enter a student’s room without the consent of the occupant if the College determines that entry is essential in order to provide for the general well-being and protection of the Haverford College community, its members and property.  The occupants will be notified in advance when feasible.  Exceptions to the foregoing statement include emergency circumstances, such as immediate danger to the College community, its members and property, or the enforcement of a legal search warrant by the police.

Office of the Dean of the College