Housekeeping, Maintenance, Work Requests, and Laundry

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Public areas in all residence halls are maintained and routinely cleaned by the Facilities Management’s Housekeeping staff.   Public spaces include but are not limited to hallways, front stoops, basements (not including storage areas), stairwells, etc.

Students are required to keep College-issued furniture, personal belongings, refrigerators, bicycles, etc. out of these spaces, as they are emergency egresses. Housekeeping regularly cleans these spaces and will discard any items left there.

Students are responsible for removing their own trash and recycling and for cleaning up after themselves if something spills or drops in the stairwells, hallways or basements.  Housekeeping is not responsible for cleaning up after students or removing their trash and/or recycling in any location inside or outside of the residence halls. Students are not to leave any trash whatsoever in the hallways or stairwells and are to properly dispose of trash and recycling.

Housekeeping also routinely cleans bathrooms in all residence halls, except at HCA.  Students should keep personal belongings and toiletries in a basket so that they can be easily moved by Housekeeping staff during regular cleaning.  During Winter Break, Housekeeping deep-cleans the bathrooms, and all personal articles, including baskets, must be removed and stored in the student’s room. Those items left in the bathroom during the Winter break will be discarded by Housekeeping.

Students living at HCA are responsible for cleaning in their own apartments. Kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned once a year by Housekeeping during the winter break. Housekeeping provides students living at HCA with toilet paper, light bulbs, and a shower rod and curtain.

Housekeeping provides and maintains a vacuum cleaner for each hall group and at HCA, a vacuum cleaner is provided for each building.

Housekeeping is also responsible for pest control in the residence halls.


Facilities Management’s Maintenance Division provides comprehensive maintenance services to the residence halls.  These services are provided by a staff of carpenters, painters, locksmiths, electricians, plumbers, maintenance mechanics, and HVAC technicians to ensure a safe and pleasant educational environment. The maintenance staff also conducts routine preventive maintenance checks on various electrical, mechanical, and architectural systems in all campus buildings.

General maintenance work requests are assigned a priority number as follows:

  • #1 Emergency: this priority is used rarely and typically where there is the imminent threat of personal injury, loss of life, or loss of property. Response time is 30 minutes or less.
  • #2 Urgent: this priority is used when a program or function of the College is at risk. Response time is 2 hours or less.
  • #3 Important: this priority is used for maintenance and repairs that are not urgent but require a fast response. Response time is 8 business hours or less.
  • #4 Routine: this priority is given to all other non-project work requests that are to be completed within ten business days. Project work, requests for renovations, and the like are to be sent to the Facilities Management office for review.

Submitting a Work Request in any form gives automatic permission for a Maintenance Worker to enter the student’s room in order to perform the repair, whether or not they are present.

The Maintenance staff work and repair hours are M-F, 9:00am-5:00pm, unless there is an emergency.  Workers will aim to not enter the residence halls prior to 10:00am.

For more information, please see Facilities Management.

Housekeeping & Maintenance Work Requests

Something broken? leaking? missing? squeaking? Having a problem in the dorms? Facilities Management Staff is here to help.

For more information about how work requests are prioritized and processed please see Facilities Management Work Orders (

Submitting a Work Request in any form gives automatic permission for a Housekeeping or Maintenance Worker to enter the student’s room in order to perform the repair, whether or not they are present. Workers will aim to not enter a student’s room prior to 10:00am and leave a tag on the door when the work is completed to announce that they have responded to your request.

  • Plumbing Problems
    • Toilet not working properly
    • Sinks or showers not draining
    • No hot water
    • Leaks
  • Furnishings
    • Missing or broken furniture
    • Missing or broken blinds/shades
    • Carpet or rug woes
  • Heating Issues: Too hot or too cold
  • Mice, Bugs, Ants or Other Issues
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Housekeeping/Cleaning Issues
  • Vacuum Cleaner Issues
  • Supplies
    • Light bulbs
    • Toilet paper
    • Extra trash barrels or liners

Please contact Facilities Management. Work requests for everything except for Laundry machine problems are to be submitted via email to In your email please provide:

  • your name
  • your campus housing
  • exact location of the problem
  • when you first noticed the problem

NEW: Submit work requests for Laundry machine problems.

When the Facilities Management Office is closed and you have a problem that needs immediate attention or if it is an emergency situation, call Campus Safety at 610-896-1111 or on an emergency phone, they are available 24/7.Who to Contact Regarding other things…

Emergency – If there is an emergency contact Campus Safety 24/7 at 610-896-1111. They will contact the appropriate “on call” personnel.

Smoke detector issues? Beeping or malfunctioning smoke detectors? Contact Campus Safety at 610-896-1111. They will send someone to change the battery.

Carbon Monoxide detector, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Exit or other Life Safety Device issues? Contact Campus Safety at 610-896-1111.

Key questions, problems or concerns? Contact Gail Turner at or or Carol Kane at or 610-896-1100 or go to the Facilities Management Office.

Onecard issues?

  • Transaction issues please contact Bryan Connor 610-526-5645 OneCard Administrator-Transactions.
  • Building Access issues please contact John Castrege OneCard Administrator-Access  610-896-1111

If the problems persist please contact Office of Residential Life at 610-896-1298 or If the problems are confidential, contact Smitty (Marianne Smith), Director of Residential Life at


There are coin-operated washers and dryers in all dorms except Drinker and Lloyd. Laundries are located in the basement areas of Barclay, Gummere, all HCA buildings, Jones, Comfort La Casa Hispanica, Leeds and Lunt, and on other floors of Cadbury House, the Ira De A. Reid House and Yarnall. Laundries in Kim and Tritton Halls are located on each floor (two per floor). Students’ OneCards open the door to the laundry area in their part of the campus. Washers are equipped for warm water washing and cold rinse.

Laundry Machine Work Requests

Washing Machines or Dryers not working properly, or won’t take coins?

Please contact Facilities Management. Work requests for Laundry machine problems are to be submitted via email to  In your email please provide:

  • your name
  • your campus housing
  • exact location of the machine (building name/#, and the number on the machine)
  • when you first noticed the problem.

A coin/change machines is available in the Campus Center.  Please report problems with the change machine to Geoff Labe.

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