Bicycles, Lawns, Mail, Pets, & Roofs

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Everyone is allowed to bring a bicycle to the campus. All students MUST register their bicycles with Campus Safety.  This is a free service.  Please use the Online Bike Registration form . After submitting the form, you should receive an email from Campus Safety confirming your registration and providing instructions on how to have your bike engraved with a unique identification number. At the time of engraving, a decal will be issued to the owner that must be affixed to the bicycle.

Students are responsible for providing their own locks and should always lock their bicycles to avoid problems with theft.

Riders should ride on paths and roadways when riding on campus, Please do not ride across the greens.

Bicycles are to be stored in bicycle storage sheds and “ribbon” bike racks located throughout campus. Bikes are not permitted to be stored in hallways,  stairways, or basements at any time; doing so creates a safety hazard in the event of a building emergency. Bikes left in these locations will be impounded by Campus Safety. Owners of impounded bikes have 30 days to reclaim a bike: otherwise, the College will dispose of the bike as it sees fit. There is a fee to reclaim any impounded bike.

Registered bike owners who have lost their keys may request Facilities Management to drill out the lock for a $15.00 fee.  The student must first verify ownership with Campus Safety. Upon verification, students should take the verification form to Facilities Management and submit a request.  Unregistered bike owners follow the same procedures as registered owners, but must present a signed written description of their bicycle to Campus Safety in order for Facilities process the request.  This process may take several days depending on the Facilities department’s workload. Once the bike is removed, Facilities will deliver the bike to Campus Safety where it can be picked up. Unregistered bikes will not be released until the bike is properly registered with Campus Safety.


Great care is taken to keep our beautiful campus, grounds and arboretum in excellent shape for all to enjoy.

Driving or parking cars or motorcycles on paths or across the lawns at any time for any reason is prohibited. Violation of this regulation will result in being asked to immediately remove the car or motorcycle and a $20.00 fine (+/o tow) plus damages. More information can be found in the Haverford College Motor Regulations & Parking Information Booklet.



Mail Center

Central Services handles all incoming, outgoing, and Interoffice mail for faculty, staff, and students. They are dedicated to serving the needs of the campus in an accurate and timely manner.

The Mail Room and campus mailboxes are located on the ground floor of the Whitehead Campus Center.   Campus mailboxes are assigned to all Haverford students each year.   All mail from the College is sent to students’ campus mailboxes. A student’s mailing address is:

(Student’s Full Name)
Haverford College
370 Lancaster Ave.
Haverford, PA 19041-1392

Your mail must have your full name. Please DO NOT use an alias or nickname as this may significantly delay your mail.

Please DO NOT use your mailbox number, residence hall name, or room number as a part of your address.

Visit the Mail Center’s website for more information about the Mail Center’s Hours, Mailing & Shipping Services, Mailboxes, Package Delivery, Mailing Procedures, and Summer Mail.


Small fish, small birds, and small reptiles are allowed as long as roommates and/or suite-mates/apartment-mates do not object; the pet is in good health and does not pose any health risk, and the pet and its surrounds are kept clean and odor free. Students are responsible for keeping their pet in good health, their surrounds clean, and any damage a pet may cause.

The College reserves the right to ask that the pet be removed if problems arise.

Students are prohibited from having any fur-bearing animals in the residence halls.  Any student found to be keeping a fur-bearing animal or any prohibited animal in any of the residence halls must remove the pet immediately. If the student does not comply, they will be fined $100.00, lose their right to live in College housing, and must move out within two days.

The only exception to this rule is for an ADS approved Housing Accommodation for a service or support animal.


For safety and security reasons no one, except College-authorized personnel, is allowed on a roof or ledge of any residence hall, or those of any other campus buildings and structures.

Newthisyear  Due to a number of recent incidents of students climbing onto or otherwise gaining access to campus building roofs the College cannot stand by and allow students to put themselves at risk of permanent injury or death.

Effective April 28, 2016, anyone found on the roof or attempting to climb to the roof of any campus building will, from this point forward, be removed from campus and placed on a College leave of absence.

Office of the Dean of the College