Small fish, birds, and reptiles are allowed as long as roommates and/or suitemates do not object; the pet must be in good health and must not pose any health risk and the pet and its surrounds must be kept clean and odor free.  The College reserves the right to ask that the pet be removed if problems arise. Students are responsible for keeping their pet in good health, their surrounds clean, and any damage a pet may cause.  Students are prohibited from having any fur-bearing animals in the residence halls. The only exceptions are for animals needed by students with disabilities, which have been approved by the College prior to arrival.  Any student found to be keeping a fur-bearing animal or any prohibited animal in any of the residence halls must remove the pet immediately. If the student does not comply, they will be fined $100.00, lose their right to live in College housing, and must move out within two days.

Last modified: September 10, 2014