Lower Merion & Haverford Township Police

  • The police can be called through their emergency line, 911, or if it is not an emergency through the correct police jurisdiction: Lower Merion, 71 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, 610-642-4200 or Haverford Township, Darby and Manoa Roads, Havertown, 610-853-1298. A survivor should inform the police that she/he wants to report a rape/sexual assault, and the police will take a report.
  • The police can provide transportation to Bryn Mawr Hospital or direct emergency medical care.
  • They will take a police report of the rape or sexual assault, which leaves open the option of criminal prosecution, although filing a report in no way commits a survivor to prosecution. Although the police and district attorney encourage survivors to file a report immediately after a rape or sexual assault, it is possible to file a report at a later point in time.

Last modified: August 17, 2015