Public areas in all residence halls are maintained and routinely cleaned by the Facilities Management’s Housekeeping staff.   Public spaces include but are not limited to hallways, front stoops, basements (not including storage areas), stairwells, etc.

Students are required to keep College-issued furniture, personal belongings, refrigerators, bicycles, etc. out of these spaces, as they are emergency egresses. Housekeeping regularly cleans these spaces and will discard any items left there.

Students are responsible for removing their own trash and recycling and for cleaning up after themselves if something spills or drops in the stairwells, hallways or basements.  Housekeeping is not responsible for cleaning up after students or removing their trash and/or recycling in any location inside or outside of the residence halls. Students are not to leave any trash whatsoever in the hallways or stairwells and are to properly dispose of trash and recycling.

Housekeeping also routinely cleans bathrooms in all residence halls, except at HCA.  Students should keep personal belongings and toiletries in a basket so that they can be easily moved by Housekeeping staff during regular cleaning.  During Winter Break, Housekeeping deep-cleans the bathrooms, and all personal articles, including baskets, must be removed and stored in the student’s room. Those items left in the bathroom during the Winter break will be discarded by Housekeeping.

Students living at HCA are responsible for cleaning in their own apartments. Kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned once a year by Housekeeping during the winter break. Housekeeping provides students living at HCA with toilet paper, light bulbs, and a shower rod and curtain.

Housekeeping provides and maintains a vacuum cleaner for each hall group and at HCA, a vacuum cleaner is provided for each building.

Housekeeping is also responsible for pest control in the residence halls.

Last modified: August 28, 2015