Disturbed, Upset, or Inappropriate Behavior

  1. Students who are emotionally upset may express their feelings by withdrawing from social interaction, not attending classes, eating irregularly, or acting extremely out of character. If a student seems emotionally upset, whether the cause is clear or not, try to talk with the individual about your concern and then consult with a counselor or the student’s dean.
  2. If a student is inexplicably behaving in a bizarre or strange manner, call the student’s dean. The dean will decide if a counselor should be called.
  3. If a student behaves violently toward her/himself, others, or the environment, call Campus Safety. The first priority is to ensure that the student is safe and not a threat to themselves or others. Make sure that someone stays with the student or is, if possible, in a position to observe the student while Campus Safety is called.

Office of the Dean of the College