Injury and Illness & Medical Emergencies

Injury and Illness

  • Minor injury  and/or routine care of illnesses is available at Health Service weekdays from 9am to 5pm.  For After hours assistance call Nurse On-Call via Campus Safety x:1111.  Security can provide transportation to Bryn Mawr Hospital Emergency Room.
  • Severe injury (Hemorrhage, unconsciousness, fractures, displacements, etc.): Call Campus Safety immediately. Tell the Dispatcher that an ambulance is needed. Give your name, location, the victim’s name and their location (including dorm room number).
  • Campus Safety can contact the nurse on call if you need help after hours.

Medical Emergencies

In the case of medical emergencies that require immediate attention, such alcohol or drug overdose, epileptic seizures, heart attacks, convulsions, heat stroke or exhaustion, severe bleeding, Campus Safety is the first place you should call. You’ll need to give the dispatcher your name, the victim’s name and their location; the Dispatcher will notify paramedics of the emergency, if needed.

Campus Safety
(610) 896-1111

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