Arrests, Crime, Patrols & Safety Tips


Haverford Campus Safety Officers are not empowered to make arrests or to carry firearms.  The Campus Safety Department maintains an excellent working relationship with the police departments of Haverford and Lower Merion Townships, which assist Campus Safety as needed, and cooperates with all Pennsylvania state and federal agencies.

Township police can (and do) arrest students for legal violations on campus, including underage drinking.


Members of the community are strongly urged to report any suspicious or criminal incidents to Campus Safety.  An officer will be dispatched immediately to each complaint, and will evaluate the incident, take appropriate action, and notify the necessary authorities.

In accordance with Pennsylvania’s College and University Security Information Act 73 of 1988, and with federal Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, Haverford College provides information relating to crime statistics and security measures to prospective students, matriculated students, employees, or anyone who is interested.  The College’s Campus Safety Department submits an annual Uniform Crime Report to the Pennsylvania State Police.  Crime statistics for the most recent three year period, which reflect the incidents reported to the state police, are available upon request and are compiled according to Pennsylvania State Police requirements using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting methods. Although the College does not have a written policy regarding the matriculation of students with criminal records, the application and screening process used by the Admission Office is very thorough.

Any criminal conduct engaged in by an employee of the College is grounds for immediate suspension and/or discharge.


Campus Safety provides patrols of the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you need assistance, patrol officers will respond promptly and professionally.

The Haverford Township and Lower Merion police drive through campus and also respond to calls for service.

Safety Tips

While the college is generally very safe, you should avoid any unlit areas of the campuses during the evening and night. Whenever possible, avoid walking alone at night; walk purposefully, knowing where you are going and alert to your surroundings.

If you are concerned for your safety, Campus Safety provides an escort service. They will also meet concerned students at either the Haverford or Ardmore SEPTA train stations after dark.

Lock all windows and doors when you leave your room; valuables have been stolen from unsecured rooms when students have ventured down the hall or to an adjacent suite.

Be especially careful to lock up your valuables. Campus activities draw students to central points, making empty dorms targets for thieves.  Propped doors are an inviting sign to thieves and burglars.

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