General Policies

This section deals with the resources and rules which have been established to make living at the College as congenial as possible while preserving the resources of the College.
The College believes that the experience of living in the residence halls with one’s peers is an integral part of the educational process. Opportunities for personal growth and development and the broadening of horizons abound. It is expected that students in residence will work together, as members of the Haverford College community, to create a harmonious and positive living environment, while treating one another and College property with respect and care and in keeping with community standards and the Honor Code.
Students are expected to familiarize themselves with information and regulations to be prepared for and aware of the responsibilities of living in College housing. It is the responsibility of all students to read, understand, and abide by all policies and procedures in the Students’ Guide as well as the Honor Code and to act within accordance of the College’s community standards.
If it comes to the College’s attention that a student’s or group of students’ behavior or life-style is creating an unsafe or unsanitary condition, is putting themselves or others at risk, or is unduly disruptive or inhospitable to the lives of others, s/he will be expected to cooperate with College officials to correct any problems to the College’s satisfaction. Failure to do so could either jeopardize his/her right to remain in College housing or to obtain such housing in the future.