Gas Stoves

All apartments at HCA are furnished with a natural gas stove for cooking. All stoves are ignited either by automatic pilot lights or electronic means. Electronic ignition stovetops may only be ignited by the built-in igniter. The igniter is activated by turning the dial all the way to the left until it starts clicking. After the burner has been ignited, the dial should be turned back. Stoves that ignite by a pilot light are turned on by turning the knob to the desired level of heat. The top burner will then light. The oven will also light automatically by turning the dial.

If a student smells gas, they should make sure none of the gas jets on the stove are turned on and unlit as well as checking that the pilot light is burning. (There is a pilot light underneath the cover on the top of the stove and one in the oven.)

If the gas smell is inexplicable, students should immediately call Facilities Management at 610-896-1096. If no one answers, or if the call goes to voicemail, please immediately call Campus Safety (610-896-1111). The caller should give their name and apartment address. If the smell is heavy, open windows and doors and immediately leave the apartment!

Escaping natural gas is very volatile; please make it a habit to follow these procedures:

  • Turn off the gas jets completely when you are through cooking.
  • Check the stovetop pilot light regularly to make sure that it is burning.
  • Leave windows by the stove closed when you are not in the apartment and when you go to sleep; sometimes a breeze will extinguish the pilot light.
  • Never leave the apartment without making sure that the pilot light is on and the gas jets are off.

Students must always and at all times attend to the food or drink they are cooking or heating.

Last modified: August 28, 2015