Dormitory rooms/apartments are furnished each year for the new occupant(s).  The College provides each student with a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe or chest and closet.  The College does not provide pillows, bed linens, a wastebasket, or other incidentals.  All windows have either shades or blinds and some rooms are carpeted or have area rugs.  Students are not permitted to appropriate additional college furniture from other student rooms.

Students are expected to leave College furniture and rugs in their room/apartment.

College-issued living room or lounge furniture is for common use and should not be appropriated for personal use.  College-issued furniture and area rugs are designed and intended for use only within the dormitories – in bedrooms or common rooms; it is not to be taken outside and used on the lawns nor placed in basements. If a student wishes to use their own personal furniture outside, they must return it to the appropriate place within their building when leaving the area. With the exception of the Lloyd lawn furniture, no other furniture may be left outside when not in use. Unattended furniture will be confiscated, and there will be a pickup and re-delivery charge.

Last modified: August 28, 2015