First-Year Housing

First-Year students are housed in four locations: Barclay Hall, Gummere Hall, the Haverford College Apartments (HCA) buildings #22, 26, 34, and 42, and Tritton Hall. All first-year students are expected to live on campus and are required to be on the meal plan except those who follow Kashrut or those who have been given special permission by their dean to live at home because they live within commuting distance or to live off campus due to special circumstances.  All first-year housing is designated smoke-free housing.  First-Year students are expected to remain in their assigned first-year housing for the entire academic year.

Living among first-year students are upper-class students such as Customs People (CPs) and Upper-Class Advisors (UCAs). Customs People are sophomores and sometimes juniors, who answer incoming students’ questions, assist students with problems and/or direct them to the right people when needed and help them transition to life at the College. UCAs are juniors and seniors selected by the Dean’s Office because of their knowledge of the curriculum and academic requirements. They, along with first-year faculty advisors, help new students plan their academic programs. These men and women do not take the place of the faculty advisors assigned to all first-year students; they offer additional information and help insure that first-year students and faculty advisors are in close contact throughout the year.

Last modified: September 10, 2014