Sponsoring an Event

Questions about this policy may be directed to: The Student Activities Office or The Office of Non-Academic Scheduling


B. Event Rules and Regulations:

  1. Conflicting Events: No events may be scheduled in academic spaces during times that classes are being held.  Events may be held in non-academic spaces during times that classes are held with the permission of both the Office of Non-Academic Scheduling and the Student Activities Office.
  2. General Rules for Events:
    1. Who May Attend: Only members of the tri-college community and invited guests (relatives, close personal friends, and registered prospective students) may attend student events at Haverford College. In order to obtain admission to such activities, Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore students must present their I.D. If a Tri-Co student brings a guest to a student event, s/he must:
      1. Leave her/his I.D. number, name, and name of her/his guest with the checker, or identify his/her guest as a guest and have that guest’s State I.D. be recorded on the I.D. card reader, whichever of the two processes is being used for that event.
      2. Accompany the guest throughout the duration of the event. Students bringing guests to events will be held accountable for the behavior of her/his guests.  If damage results from a guest’s behavior, the student host will be held financially responsible.
    2. Organizer Responsibilities
      1. If the event is in a non-dorm space, or in Lunt Basement, the space must be reserved through the Student Activities Office.
      2. Ensure that only members of the tri-college community and accompanied guests enter your event by checking I.D.’s at the door. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of the event and disciplinary action against you.
      3. Ensure that alcoholic beverages are neither present nor distributed so that the event is in compliance with the Haverford Alcohol Policy.  If you plan to have alcohol present at your event in Lunt Basement or James House, you must first complete the Arts/Music Application and send to JSAAPP (via email at jsaapp@gmail.com) for approval.  Only those events held in Lunt Basement or James House and are approved by JSAAPP may have alcohol present.  For permission to host an event with alcohol in another public space on campus, you must contact the Student Activities Office for further information (such events may only be held with the permission of the President of the College).
      4. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to keep noise at a “reasonable level.” If you receive a complaint about the noise level of your event, you must act at once to lower it.  If the noise level is excessive, Campus Safety or one of the deans will contact you and request that the noise be lowered. Failing to respond to this request may result in Campus Safety stopping your event.  Please do not put stereo speakers outside open windows as the sound disturbs our neighbors.
      5. Outdoor events with amplified music require approval from the Student Activities Office and may not normally extend beyond 10:00 p.m. on weeknights or 11:00 p.m. on weekends, unless permission to do so is given by the Dean of the College.  For an outdoor event in HCA, you may need a police permit from Haverford Township. Contact Tom King, Director of Campus Safety, for more information.
      6. During the event planning process, it will be determined whether large, campus-wide events need coverage by Campus Safety staff or Quaker Bouncers.  Your group may be required to cover the cost of such extra security.
      7. Remind visitors to the College that they must park in the Visitor’s Lot.
      8. Clean up after the event.  Clean-up must be thorough and completed before you leave the space.  Please make sure that you request cleaning supplies from either the Student Activities Office or directly through Facilities/Housekeeping, if necessary, when making your support services requests. The space should be left in the same or better condition than it was found.**If you do not clean up properly after your event, the event organizers or sponsoring club may lose their privileges to hold further events on campus.
      9. The event organizer is the person responsible for the event and should make every reasonable effort to ensure that all of the guidelines found in the Alcohol Policy, the Honor Code, the Constitution of the Students’ Association, and the Event Rules and Regulations section of the Students’ Guide are followed.
  3. Events in Lunt Basement
    1. Events in Lunt Basement are subject to the following additional policies:
      1. Each Tri-Co attendee, including event coordinator(s), may bring up to but not more than three (3) invited guests (relatives, close personal friends, and registered prospective students).
      2. Those who host events in Lunt Basement are expected to utilize the services of the Quaker Bouncers (QBs) — roaming to ensure safety of event participants and at the door to restrict admission to only those who are allowed. A request for an exception to this policy must be submitted to the Officer of Campus Life if the event coordinator(s) do not think QBs are needed for a particular event.
      3. To contact Quaker Bouncers, send them an e-mail at:  QuakerBouncers@gmail.com

Office of the Dean of the College