Posting Policy

Questions about this policy may be directed to: SC Co-Presidents or the Student Activities Office

Bulletin Boards and Posting Notices

  1. Notices may be posted only in the following areas: bulletin boards, doors of residences, residence stairwells, inside residence bathrooms, between the Dining Center doors, and in the Dining Center foyer on the walls by the Sunken Lounge facing the front doors.  Notices may never be placed on any windows or glass, on the ground, on campus signage, or the HCA gates.  The only exception to these guidelines will be in the following case:Emergency notices, such as class cancellations or breakdowns of the buses, may be posted where they will be most likely to attract attention.  They should be removed as soon as possible after the emergency has passed.
  2. Persons who are not members of the Tri-College Community may not post notices on the campus.
  3. The poster should contain the name of the Tri-Co Community member(s) responsible for the event and, if applicable, the name of the organization sponsoring the event. An e-mail address where the sponsor can be reached should also appear on the notice.
  4. Posters may be posted up to two weeks in advance.  After an event takes place, the person who posted the notice has 24 hours to remove all postings.  Any member of the community may remove any posters found before the 14 day allotted period or after the 24 hour deadline.
  5. Use tape. Tacks may only be used on bulletin boards. Never use duct tape.
  6. Leave space for others and post one sign per board.  Do not post over other’s signs.
  7. In the Dining Center, Campus Center, and some academic buildings, bulletin boards have been set aside for specific types of notices; check the headings before posting.
  8. Any exceptions to these rules must be approved by the Students’ Council and noted on the posting.
  9. Any posting that is in violation of this policy may be taken down by any member of the community.  Please be careful where you post.
  10. There is plenty of bulletin board space in the Campus Center. In order to keep them readable, we ask that all posting be dropped off at the Information Desk for hanging. Postings are permitted only on bulletin boards. Anything hung on walls, doors, etc. will be discarded. This policy does not apply to boards maintained by clubs.
  11. This policy may be updated at any time at the discretion of the Students’ Council Co-Presidents.  It must be reviewed by Students’ Council every 2 years.

Office of the Dean of the College