OneCard Access to Residence Halls

A student’s OneCard opens the exterior doors of all residence halls. The Campus Safety Office (610-896-1111) is responsible for the OneCard building access. Upon their arrival on campus or during Non-Academic Registration all incoming First-Year and new students are issued a student ID card (OneCard) that they are expected to accept and to carry for all four years. Students are held responsible for lost or stolen OneCards and the costs of replacements.

A student’s OneCard is programmed to admit them into their residence hall. Students have 24-hour access to their residence hall building and reduced access hours to other residence halls – 2am on weekdays, and 3am on Friday and Saturday. More information about the OneCard can be found at

Students must, for safety reasons, be aware of and accept responsibility for those who they allow to enter the residence halls and not allow anyone that they do not know in the residence halls nor allow to follow in behind them when entering the building.

OneCard Access and privileges to academic areas such as labs are granted by the academic department heads and are maintained by Campus Safety. Access hours to these academic areas are determined by each individual department and are subject to change.

OneCard is the official identification card for Bryn Mawr & Haverford Colleges. OneCard provides easy and direct access to Bi-College resources and gives quick and easy access to money, meal plan and facilities across the Haverford/Bryn Mawr network. Read more about OneCard here.