Bryn Mawr Hospital

Bryn Mawr Hospital Emergency Room, located at the corner of Bryn Mawr Avenue and County Line Road in Bryn Mawr (484-337-3000, 24 hours), provides medical examinations  by Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner  The so-called “Rape Kit”  can serve as evidence for criminal prosecution. The use of the rape kit procedure does not commit a victim of sexual assault to prosecute. However, it is the only legally approved means of collection and preservation of evidence, should a survivor decide to prosecute at any later point. Pennsylvania law, 18 Pa. C.S. § 11.707, provides that the costs of the forensic rape examination and medications provided as a direct result of a sexual offense shall not be charged to the victim.  The victim of a sexual offense does not need to ‘report’ the sexual offense or ‘talk’ to law enforcement in order for the costs to be paid by the Victims Compensation Assistance Program

The hospital is required by law to notify the police that a sexual assault occurred, and the police will then come to the hospital. The victim of sexual assault is not required to talk with the police or to make a police report in order to receive medical treatment. If she/he consents to talk with the police; she/he is not committing her/himself to prosecution.

The Emergency Room physician will ask for permission to contact the College medical staff to coordinate follow-up care. A student may decline permission. If she/he gives permission, all information will be held in confidence by Health Services staff, as noted above.

The hospital is also able to provide testing and treatment for pregnancy and STIs, including confidential (but not anonymous) HIV testing, and to make additional medical or psychological referrals to on or off-campus personnel.

Last modified: September 3, 2013