All College-issued beds are extra-long in length (36″ x 6″ x 80″).

Some students choose to use a loft bed in place of the College-issued bed frame. Platform and other such beds must meet building and safety codes and be inspected and approved by Facilities Maintenance (610-896-1096). It is the student’s responsibility to properly store the College-issued bed frame, complete with original springs, during the year and to return it, complete, to the student’s room at the end of the year, otherwise the student will be charged for the replacement.

Bed boards: Bed boards are available through Health Services (

Health, safety and structural concerns make it necessary to prohibit water beds, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and other such devices from all residence halls and apartments. If you are wondering whether a particular device falls within this restriction, please check, in advance, with the Office of Residential Life or Facilities Management.

Last modified: August 28, 2015