Tri-College/Quaker Consortium

Bryn Mawr College (BMC)
As you may or may not know Bryn Mawr College (BMC) is a very integral part of Haverford College.  One of the premiere women’s colleges in the country, Bryn Mawr and Haverford began their relationship long before Haverford became coed.  A result of this long-standing familial relationship is the extensive opportunities available for Haverford students at Bryn Mawr and vice versa.  We ‘Fords can take as many classes as we would like at Bryn Mawr (even major there!), join Bryn Mawr student organizations, act in Bryn Mawr theater productions, and live at Bryn Mawr.  Thus, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Bryn Mawr in order to take advantage of the wonderfully unique Bi-Co!

Some perks of the Bi-Co: Bryn Mawr’s website is a great place to find more information about classes, activities and other happenings in the Bi-Co.  Check it out at  A particularly valuable part of Bryn Mawr’s site is the student organizations page.  Although there is some overlap of organizations between the two colleges, if you can’t find a club to your liking here at Haverford you can probably find it at Bryn Mawr and also make some new friends!  The link is as follows:

-Regarding academics: Bryn Mawr offers several departments and majors/minors that Haverford does not, such as The Growth and Structure of Cities, or Geology.  Whether you choose to expand your learning horizon beyond Haverford or decide to major or minor at Bryn Mawr, the Departments and Majors page at Bryn Mawr ( will serve to be useful.  The Bryn Mawr Registrar and course information page is another valuable resource; it can help you with questions about course prerequisites and class requirements just like the Haverford registrar does:

-Regarding athletics: Bryn Mawr’s athletic facilities are also available to Haverford students; the most useful of these is their Schwartz Pool. For more information, visit:

-Regarding safety: If you find yourself in trouble at Bryn Mawr, use a nearby phone (their Yellow Phones are like our Blue Light Phones) and dial x911 (like our x1111) for Campus Safety. If you need to contact Bryn Mawr Campus Safety in a non-emergency situation, the number is x7911.

Getting There: In order to get to Bryn Mawr and back, use the Blue Bus! It only takes a short time – about 5-10 minutes. Stops for the bus are found behind the Stokes Building or behind the North Dorms here at Haverford, and at Bryn Mawr’s Pembroke Arch.  On weekdays the Blue Bus runs all day from Haverford to Bryn Mawr and back. On Fridays and Saturdays the Blue Bus has extended night hours. To get the full schedule of the Blue Bus look here:

Honor Code: If you’re at BMC, the Bryn Mawr Honor Code applies to you in all your actions there. The BMC Code is similar to the Haverford Honor Code in its expectations of civil behavior, but there are a few notable differences.  For example, the Bryn Mawr Honor Code outlines much more specific guidelines for what is permissible during self-scheduled examinations, how to deal with confrontation and confidentiality, etc.; while Haverford’s relies primarily upon the Responsibility Clause to guide students on acceptable behavior.  The full version of the Bryn Mawr Honor Code is can be found at

Swarthmore College
As part of the tri-college consortium, Swarthmore College also plays a role in the Haverford experience. There is a van running throughout the day between Haverford, Swarthmore, and Bryn Mawr. Please refer to the full Tri-co van schedule at Students regularly take classes, attend events, or visit friends at Swarthmore, which is approximately 30 minutes away.

University of Pennsylvania
Students do take advantage of the opportunity to take classes at UPenn. However, they must provide their own means of transportation, whether by train or by car. If this presents a problem, contact the Office of Financial Aid at

Office of the Dean of the College