• Watch the final season of Boardwalk Empire. And lambast HBO for canceling the series prematurely. It’s an outrage.
  • Give thought to your ideal # of sleep hours for school nights and establish a bedtime and a wake-up time. No more varying your bedtime/wake-up time based on when your classes start. That’s so freshman year.
  • Get to know the people you’re living with and near, and discuss preferences and community standards for shared living spaces.
  • Make sure you know the Dorm Resource Person in your building.
  • Join the Residential Life Committee at weekly meetings (email for more information).
  • Attend the Student Activities Fair to sign up for clubs and student organizations.
  • Begin cultivating a relationship with your new dean.


  • The Digital Scholarship Fellowship

Sophomores and Juniors who will be on campus for the 2014-15 academic year are invited to apply for the Digital Scholarship Fellowship this fall.  This year’s fellows will actively participate in a project in collaboration with Haverford professor @Paul_Farber exploring 21st century monuments, which includes the opportunity to design a “Monument Lab” near Philadelphia’s City Hall.  The fellowship is a year-long collaborative fellowship in which fellows engage in a series of workshops where they develop skills in the use of technology for scholarly questions and collaboratively plan, develop, and build their project.  Fellows will emerge from the program with a broad technical foundation, experience undertaking a yearlong collaborative project, and strategies for engaging with technology in senior thesis work and future projects at Haverford and beyond.  Please submit your application for the fellowship at by Monday, September 8.


  • Register for the Sophomore Success Series beginning 9/17; alternatively, register for the two-day intensive version, Fall Break Career Lab
  • Review the Sophomore section of the Center for Career & Professional Advising [CCPA]’s Four Year Timeline
  • Attend Fords on Fridays, a series of alumni career chats held most Fridays at noon in the CCPA
  • Pursue leadership roles on campus – either through clubs, athletic teams and/or campus committees
  • If employed, speak with your supervisor about additional responsibilities and/or a more defined role with clear objectives and project assignments


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