• Call your parents.
  • Do your September laundry.
  • Catch up on Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and/or Homeland while off for fall break. It’s the right thing to do.
  • Catch up on YOURSELF over fall break. Without physical and mental health, you really can’t do much of anything.
  • Consider the company you are keeping.
    Evaluate your relationships. Are the people you surround yourself with contributing positively to your growth? Are certain individuals/people continuously adding an unhealthy element to your college experience? Make this judgment every so often. And act on it wisely.
  • And if you need to speak with someone about the stresses of sophomore year, consider scheduling an appointment with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).


  • Get in touch with your adviser. Schedule a standing meeting for the semester.
  • Spark conversation with upperclassmen in the majors you are considering.
  • Do the same with faculty.
  • Consider attending:

         Office of Academic Resources:

  1. Study Strategies Workshop, 10/1 5:30-7pm
  2. Reading Strategies Workshop, 10/8 7-8:30pm
  3. Procrastination & Perfectionism Workshop, 10/22 7:30-9pm
  4. Procrastination & Perfectionism Workshop, 10/31 7-8:30pm
  • Apply for the Goldwater Scholarship if interested in pursuing research in science, math, or engineering
  • Apply for the Gilman Scholarship if Pell-Grant eligible and intend on studying or interning abroad


         Office of Academic Resources:

             1.  How to Write an E-mail Workshop, 10/24 7-8:30pm

If Considering Study Abroad:

  • A representative from CIEE study abroad programs will be available in the DC Foyer to discuss the new CIEE Prague study abroad program and our other CIEE programs (Botswana, India, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey).  Come and meet Katie Jafarli! 10/9, 5-6:30pm
  • Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics Information Session: Sharpless Auditorium 10/9, 6:30pm This information is specifically for sophomores considering studying abroad at Oxford, Cambridge, or the London School of Economics.  These competitive direct-enrollment positions are only available for the full academic year* and the application process starts very early (*there is one Spring-only college at Cambridge, but it also requires early application).  Any sophomores interested in attending one of these universities MUST attend this event (it is only offered once).   The faculty have mandated the requirement of attending this event; if there is an academic conflict, please contact Dean Mancini.
  •  Study Abroad Fair: Stokes 1st floor hallways 10/26, 1-5pm The annual Study Abroad Fair is an opportunity during Parents Weekend for students and their parents to get more information about study abroad programs directly from the programs.  Program representatives are available to provide detailed information and answer questions.
  • Study Abroad Mandatory Information Session: Stokes Auditorium 10/30, 7pm This information session covers general information that all students considering studying abroad need to know before beginning the application process.

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