• Read over the Mid-Year Room Draw Guidelines if you’re looking to switch rooms or serve as a proxy for a friend.
  • Consider developing/strengthening healthy habits relative to your nutrition and exercise (..the holidays are on approach).



Learn about the CPGC’s application process and deadlines for creating your own 8-10 week summer internship with an organization or movement in the US or abroad.


  • If you have not already, learn how to construct a résumé & cover letter!
  • Review the Sophomore section of the CCPA’s Four Year Timeline.
  • Consider attending:
    Center for Career & Professional Advising:

    1. Effective Networking, 11/1 3-4pm
    2. Careers in Finance & Business for Liberal Arts Students, 11/7 6:30-7:30pm
    3. Personal Branding Workshop, 11/15 3-4:30pm
    4. Finding an Internship & Résumé Tips, 11/19 6:30-7:30pm
  • Tri-Co DH Info Session
    11/12 6:00pm, Hires Room, Magill LibraryNew tools explored. Fueled by old school pizza.

    Learn about the wide range of internships from programming at educational gaming non-profit, to designing the online presence of a project on 18th novels to working with GIS to develop new spatial data for Philly area nonprofits. Research assistantships with professors and self-designed projects also available. (

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