• Attend Mid-Year Room Draw if you’re looking to switch rooms or are serving as a proxy for a friend.
  • Move out on Saturday, December 21st, by noon.
  • Once away from campus, REST. It is finished.
  • And while away, spend some time reflecting on how you might approach next semester more intelligently.


  • Get LOCKED IN. It’s time to distance yourself from people who are not about their business. And then…
  • STUDY. WRITE. RELAX. Repeat.
  • Consider attending:
    Office of Academic Resources:

    1. Preparing for the Final Stretch Workshop, 12/2 7-8pm
    2. Exam Strategies Workshop, 12/10 7-8pm
  • To quote a mentor of mine:

    Steps for strategic study breaking… 1) If you haven’t studied, you cannot take a break. 2) If your break is longer than your studying, you’re not doing either correctly.


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