What Now?

We realize that everyone enters sophomore year at a different stage of his or her personal development. Though classmates, you’re all moving at your own pace in the process of self-realization and goal setting. In service of that, we did our best at creating a timeline – soft benchmarks, if you will – for this busy year of growth and preparation. You’re balancing relationships, coursework, growing pains with family and friends back home, competing interests inside and outside the classroom, and everything in between. As if you didn’t have enough on your plate, we’re gently slipping you a few suggestions – just a handful of items we don’t want you to overlook as these two semesters fly by!

Take a look.

If something’s not for you, ignore it. But if it is and you want to bounce some ideas of one of us, you know who we are. Drop any of us an e-mail!

Planning Ahead: Making Sophomore Year Count

Semester I

Semester II

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