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The Year After was created in the summer of 2013 in response to all we learned about the sophomore experience that spring!

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Exploring careers and finding your fit through externships and internships

Posted on: January 26, 2015

By Kelly Cleary

There is snow on the ground, but many students are already thinking about what they are going to do next summer–and that’s smart since summer internship deadlines are fast approaching.

There are loads of great opportunities for students who are willing to put the time into exploring their options and preparing thoughtful, targeted applications. All sophomores should check out the Haverford Internship Network and the College Sponsored Internship programs page to see how other students have spent their summers and to learn about the amazing opportunities that are funded by the College. They should also attend the Tri-College Career Fair on Friday, Jan. 30 from 9:30-11:30am in Founders Hall to learn about even more internships and connect with employers who are eager to meet and hire Haverford students, (click on the link for a list of employers.)

…If the idea of walking into a room of strangers with the hope of leaving that room with a strong lead for an amazing summer internship intimidates you (as it does most people), read last year’s blog Career Fairs are NOT Scary and come to the Navigating a Career Fair workshop on Wednesday, January 28 at 6pm in the DC for tips. And be sure to mark your calendar for this year’s Philadelphia Not-For-Profit Career Fair on Friday, February 27 at Bryn Mawr.

The CCPA’s Extern Program is another great way for Haverford students to explore different career options by giving them a first hand glimpse into a field of interest.  Continue reading

What Are You Waiting For? Study Abroad!

Posted on: January 21, 2015

Hi Sophomores!

The Office of International Academic Programs is excited to have you back on campus and ready to help you plan your semester abroad! With the study abroad Declaration of Intent deadline (February 5!) right around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to seriously consider if a semester overseas is right for you. Luckily, if you’re still undecided, there are plenty of opportunities coming up to help you make your decision.

Student to Student Study Abroad Fair
Tuesday, January 27
DC Sunken Lounge
11:30-2:00 & 5:00-7:30 PM
Considering studying abroad? Not sure how the process works or what to expect? Now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about a particular program or country you are interested in! Student representatives will be hosting information tables in the Sunken Lounge and will be ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Student to Student Fair 2

Mandatory Study Abroad Information Session
Wednesday, February 4 
Stokes Auditorium
6:30 PM
Planning on studying abroad for the Fall 2015 semester or the 2015-2016 academic year? Don’t forget, all students studying abroad are required to attend one information session prior to studying abroad. Not sure if studying abroad is right for you? No problem, come to the session anyway to learn more about how the process works! We’ll take care of those questions and concerns that have been on your mind.

Info Session Feb 4



Declaration of Intent
Thursday, February 5
Don’t forget, the Declaration of Intent is due February 5! The application process only requires two main steps—completing the Intent to Study Abroad Form and your Program-Specific Application—but it’s your responsibility to pay attention to all Haverford and program-specific deadlines. Check out the programs page on our website to see when the deadlines are for specific programs- some are right around the corner!

Lastly, just in case you need some more convincing, here are 5 reasons to study abroad, compiled by Jacque Fagan ‘15. Jacque studied abroad during the spring semester of her junior year at the University College Dublin in Ireland. She also works in the Office of International Academic Programs.

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad 

  1. You can see the world, which literally and figuratively helps in broadening your horizons
  2. You can gain a new perspective on your own country
  3. You can explore your heritage
  4. You can learn a new language in the country where it is spoken
  5. You can improve your professional and financial potential because employers look very favorable on candidates who have studied abroad, as do graduate schools

Jacque standing in front of Newgrange- a World Heritage site!

Questions? Let’s talk! Make an appointment with Dean Mancini, send me an e-mail, check out our website, stop by Chase 213 and pick up some program brochures, or come check out the incredibly helpful black binders. Write down all of those concerns/worries that you have, and let us help you sort things out. Remember, we are here to help you with the process, and there are tons of resources for you to use- all you have to do is ask!

Ps, start applying for a passport now if you don’t already have one! Your passport must be valid 6 months AFTER your intended return date to be able to study abroad. Check your passport’s expiration date ASAP!


Welcome Back!

Posted on: January 19, 2015

Welcome back! In observance of MLK, TYA did not run content yesterday. Here’s your first post of 2015…

This week marks the beginning of a very important semester for you — the beginning of your second semester of sophomore year. You will begin this semester an underclassman, and end it an upperclassman; you will be halfway done with college in just 15 weeks.

By the end of this semester, you will have decided on your major, and you will soon focus your studies within this discipline, truly beginning the transition from student to scholar (which, by the way, culminates with your senior thesis).

As you navigate through the semester, be sure to check in with TYA regularly. We have a LOT of blog posts planned — every Monday and most Wednesdays — some written by our fabulous team of bloggers and others written by guest bloggers.

It’s go time… and it’s going to be an awesome semester!

Eat, Sleep and Be Motivated

Posted on: December 15, 2014

Originally posted in December 2013,
a good reminder for this coming winter break!

It’s that time of year again, when students are studying for finals and all-nighters are filled with hot coffee, study groups and even goodies in the dining hall.

For the Center for Career and Professional Advising, it is a time when many of our conversations with Sophomores surround the most practical use of your time while on Winter Break. You’ll be leaving for home soon, and we want to make sure you are using your time wisely.

There is the obvious: sleep, eat healthy home-cooked foods, and visit with family and friends. Every one of these simple things will help you come back in January rejuvenated and ready to tackle Spring 2015.

Here at the CCPA, one of the healthiest things we can recommend is to spend the three or four weeks at home – without the distractions of campus life – thinking about next summer. The more organized you can become over winter break, the healthier your internship search will be – and these benefits will be seen as you manage all of your other academics and activities.

I know it may seem early, but in the world of the internship and summer job search, it’s exactly the right time to get started.  Below are my top six recommendations for your Sophomore year Winter Break:

1. Create your Résumé.
If you have not already done so, take a stab at a first draft of your résumé. You can have the CCPA review it upon your return.

Check our samples for layout and structure, taking special note to the tone and use of action verbs.  Since you have not officially selected a major yet, use “Anticipated Major: ________” until you declare.

2. Explore your options.
Before you even want to look for an internship, get some ideas about different careers out there.  Narrowing down your search is an important part of the process.

The “I can do any internship in any location” approach sounds flexible and intriguing, but you may quickly find this type of internship-search is overwhelming.  That’s not to say that you can’t keep your options open, but thinking about what type of industry you might like to explore gives you a place to start.

And while you are at it, check out the link, “What can I do with my major” and the guides on our Vault Career Insider.

3. Get a Feel for what’s out there.
Not sure about what opportunities are actually available? Check out several databases to give you a sense of what to look for in an internship.

First visit CareerConnect, fill out your profile, and take a look at employers who are targeting Haverford interns through our recruiting program. Check out LACN, a database housing internships submitted to highly selective liberal arts colleges nationwide. Finally, visit our Virtual Career Resources, a page dedicated to a variety of paid subscriptions, many of which offer internship databases & listings of their own.

4. Talk to people.
Databases are a perfect place to start, but a good portion of internships are obtained by making personal connections – and rarely do these conversations start with, “Can I have an internship.”

It is very important to learn about different careers from family, friends and Haverford alumni. Conduct information interviews and get up to speed about trends in different fields, and advice from people who are immersed in these careers everyday. These conversations will often lead to a discussion of summer plans or how you can obtain experience, but let this happen naturally.  It will only get to this place if you start the conversation correctly: by asking for information, not a job.

Join the CCPA group in LinkedIn, and check out our resource guide that includes just about everything you will need to help the networking process, including sample introduction emails. And if you live near DC or NYC, attend one of our alumni networking receptions.

5. Check out our Haverford College Funded Internships.
There are some funded opportunities sponsored by the college, and it is important that you start this process early. Many (not all) are self-designed, which means that you need to find the opportunity and apply with that internship/job in mind.  This means research, connections, etc.

It is very important that you take these opportunities seriously. Internship committees can tell the difference from an essay that is thrown together the week it is due, and one that has been given the thoughtful time commitment it deserves.  Submitting professional cover letters, resumes and well-written essays take time.  Winter break is the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling.

6. Update your calendar.
There are so many on campus events and opportunities that can help you in your internship search.  Whether it’s a career panel sponsored by the CCPA, the Not-For-Profit Career Fair, a time-management workshop from the OAR, or an alumni chat sponsored by a specific major – every one of these events will help in your journey.

Our office calendars are continuously updated, but many of these dates are already online. Spend a few minutes over break adding them to your own calendar.

For a comprehensive list of events and internship deadlines, visit the Haverford CCPA calendar on CareerConnect and view it by month.


Finals Are Here Once Again

Posted on: December 8, 2014

Good morning and CONGRATS on arriving at the final week of classes!

As you very well know, FINALS week kicks off one week from today. But THIS is the week to enter finals mode if you’re not already there. Do not wait until this weekend. Speak with your professors, meet with your tutors, and devise a plan for what’s listed below TODAY. RIGHT NOW. Finals week should find you READY TO GO and IN CHARGE.

To that end, here are 10 recommendations: Continue reading

To Engage or Disengage, That Is the Question

Posted on: December 1, 2014

Hi, Sophomores!

A lot of our posts this year have offered opportunities to try new things, get involved in different programs, and generally enrich your experience on campus. Regardless of your level of involvement in clubs, groups, and teams, it is important to reflect on how you are engaging with campus life through your academic, extracurricular, and work experiences. As a Freshman, I remember feeling as though a lot of experiences were prepared for me. After I joined the Ultimate team, I suddenly had a whole group of upperclassmen organizing practices and inviting me and the other Freshmen to team events. At times, all I had to do was show up and participate without very much thought as to who was pulling it together and how. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great feeling! A big part of Freshman year was enjoying the newness of the experience, and letting campus open itself up to me. But during that initial transition I didn’t really reflect on how my participation got me more engaged with campus life in general.  Continue reading

Leadership at Haverford – Get Involved!

Posted on: November 24, 2014

Hello Sophomores!

Hopefully you are preparing to have a restful and restorative Thanksgiving Break, spend a few days catching up on work/sleep/Netflix, and also check in on the “What Now?” tab of this blog, to make sure you’ve kept up with the many other offerings available to you throughout the year! Several wonderful leadership building opportunities within the Haverford Community are coming up pretty soon after you return that you (and/or your friends) might want to start thinking about!

Continue reading

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Posted on: November 17, 2014

If many of you are like me, you woke up this morning wondering when November happened. The countdown to the end of the fall semester has begun. I’m not talking months or weeks, but days! November can bring an overwhelming abundance of emotions. Stress, anxiety, fear, regret, just to name a few. And while I can’t promise you relief from these emotions, I can promise you resources that might help lessen the blow felt when the calendar turns from November to December.

Brace Yourselves

One of those resources is Continue reading