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Sophomore Video Series

Besan A. Radwan ’14 describes how she overcame significant challenges during her sophomore year, resulting in a major academic turnaround as a junior.

Elizabeth Douglas ’13 discusses an important personal discovery that occurred during her sophomore slump.

Nora Landis-Shack ’13 discusses her junior year study abroad experience.

Jacob Horn ’13 discusses life-changing opportunities awaiting students at Haverford.

The True Grit Series

Chloe Tucker ’07, CPGC International Program Coordinator, reflects on failure and recounts a failure she experienced as a sophomore at Haverford College.

Presidential Fellow Franklyn Cantor ’12 describes the process of choosing his major and a few of the road bumps he encountered along the way.

First-Year Dean Michael Martinez speaks candidly about his freshman year at Princeton, reflecting on his travails in Economics 101.

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