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Michael Webert is a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Academic Resources and a master's student at the University of Pennsylvania. You can reach him at

I’m going to stop procrastinating… eventually

It’s that time of year. Finals are quickly approaching, and the work is starting to pile up. At the same time time, the weather has finally come around, and the distractions are plentiful. It’s procrastination season. As someone unsurpassed in procrastinatory ability in college, I have really enjoyed learning a bit more about that habit and how to combat it since I began working here at Haverford – certainly my graduate school performance was better for it!

One thing that I quickly picked up on was the difference between time management and procrastination. Just because something gets done at the last possible minute doesn’t necessarily mean that it was the victim of procrastination. Sometimes, there’s just too much to do, and dedicated hard work just keeps you afloat, pumping water out of the metaphorical boat as fast as it comes in. In that case, you might need to reduce your load or work more efficiently, but procrastination isn’t your hobgoblin.

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Experience Required?

One of the great frustrations of my college job searches was the myth of the “entry level” position. Most jobs for college students and recent graduates seem to require a certain minimum background – even those without specific requirements often seem to go to applicants with significant experience. It is often said that you cannot get a job without experience, but you cannot get experience without a job. Although neither is strictly true, it is true that the more skills and background you can present in a job application the more competitive you will be. If your résumé is barren it may seem like a herculean task just to get the internship or campus job that will provide the experience you need to move toward the post-college career of your dreams. Fortunately, as sophomores at Haverford you have ample time and opportunities to ensure that by the time you are looking for internships or, ultimately, a job, you will have developed the skills and backgrounds to make yourself competitive for that job of your dreams.

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