Double Majoring: Think Twice!

Posted on: April 7, 2014

Hi, guys!

It’s Major Declaration Season!!

To recap for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kelsey, a senior, double majoring in English and Linguistics. A couple months ago, I answered a question on the Sophomore Forum about double majoring. You can read that discussion here.

Double majoring really worked for me, and I’m so glad that I’ll (hopefully!) graduate this spring, having experienced both disciplines, written both theses, and worked deeply with two different departments in two very different but related academic areas.

Although I had originally planned them to be the same essay when I applied to be a double major, I’m actually working on two theses, both on related topics. I’ve been studying Quenya, the invented Elvish literary language that J.R.R. Tolkien created for his realm of Middle-earth (NERD ALERT). Because the language was written into the book, I’ve been able to look at one topic from both a linguistic and a literary perspective, which has been especially important, as Tolkien himself was a linguist and a writer.

That’s one of the main reasons I decided to double major: my interests lie at the intersection of English and linguistics, and I found them to be easily combinable. My English knowledge makes me a stronger linguist, and vice versa, and I wanted to write a thesis in both.

But that’s not true for everyone – in reality, Continue reading

Studying Abroad?: A Questionnaire and Resource Guide to Considering Study Abroad

Posted on: January 29, 2014

Welcome back to campus, everyone!

Today’s post for you is another joint article, written by Lori Roth and Kelsey Ryan. Lori is the Coordinator of International Academic Programs on campus, and Kelsey is a student assistant with the Office of Global Affairs (and a regular blogger here!). Both of us are study abroad success stories: Lori has studied abroad at Oxford and in Italy, and Kelsey studied abroad in Fall 2012 in Leuven, Belgium.

Lori and her new best friend take on the town in London!

Lori (left… if you couldn’t guess) and her new best friend take on the town in London!

As it’s a week before the annual February 5th deadline to declare your intention to study abroad for Fall Semester/Academic Year 2014, we wanted to bring up study abroad again as an important thing to consider. With the snow and campus closings last week, the deadline will be extended to February 10th, but Continue reading

Is Study Abroad For Me? (It can be!)

Posted on: November 18, 2013

Hey, all!

I’m Kelsey, a senior at Haverford. Last fall, as a junior, I spent my semester abroad in Belgium, at the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven, located about 20 minutes outside of Brussels.

It was incredible—the food (Chocolate! Frites! Waffles! Mussels!), the people, the language, being surrounded by centuries of history. And best of all, Belgium is located right in the middle of Western Europe, which meant I was able to travel cheaply! (Read more about my adventures at my travel blog,


Me, making new friends, on a trip to Ireland during study abroad! Helpful note: I’m the one on the right.


Eating Belgian waffles with my friend Claire Perry '14 and Professor of Economics Shannon Mudd (who was visiting!)

Eating Belgian waffles with my friend Claire Perry ’14 and Haverford Professor of Economics Shannon Mudd (who was visiting!)


Claire Perry '14 and me, in front of the stadhuis, or town hall in Leuven!

Claire Perry ’14 and me, in front of the stadhuis (town hall) in Leuven! STUDYING ABROAD IS SO FUN

All that to say: studying abroad was one of my favorite decisions of college so far. It was so necessary for me, both academically and personally, to take time off from Haverford, and to see a different place. But deciding that I wanted to apply for study abroad through Haverford Continue reading